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Coaching Process

My goal of coaching is to guide you in your journey to find, define, and clarify your goals to live a life full of purpose!  I will celebrate with you, hold you accountable and enhance your movement forward to living a life that is filled with purpose, JOY and love.

To help you become more familiar, comfortable and knowledgeable with life coaching, I will outline the coaching process.

  • Our coaching sessions will be an hour in length. There will be time for debriefing from your day, a reminder of guidelines and clarifying your goal for our session.  We will celebrate movement from your previous session and guide you to set the next step in your process.
  • My responsibility is to support, motivate, challenge and guide you.  Your responsibility is to take the action necessary to make the changes you want in your life.
  • You set the action steps in a coaching session based on our mutual understanding of your priorities.  You can come with a goal in mind, or we can work together to set a goal.  As your coach, I will hold you accountable to your goals & intentions.
  • I will ask questions, provide you with focus and structure, support and encourage you through your changes.   I will celebrate your successes with you by highlighting the steps you have taken and the changes you have made.
  • Issues that may present themselves that are outside the boundaries of the coaching relationship and my expertise should be taken to an appropriate qualified professional.
  • Confidentiality is critical in the coaching relationship.  I will not disclose any information about you to anyone unless your permission is secured.
  • Feedback is appreciated.  If you feel there is something I am doing that is not helpful for you or that I am not doing, please inform me.
  • Biblical Christian faith is my compass for life.  I will work with your belief system so that you will live a more purposeful life, according to your values and beliefs.



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